Online Marketing Strategies

1. Don’t use Javascript menus and image links. Spider crawlers, or the technology search engines use, don’t read Javascript. Instead, use simple HTML on your website.

2. Include only quality content. Your website’s blog or help pages should be well-written, include links, and quality information. Well-written content will result in traffic.

3. Don’t overuse keywords. No matter what anyone tells you, dumping keywords everywhere doesn’t result in traffic. Instead, use a unique, keyword focused title tag and only include keywords in text when it makes sense to.

4. Guest blog. Look for similar websites and ask if you can write a guest post on their site, back linking to your website. This only works if the website you’re writing for fits into your website’s category. If you’re a health and beauty site, you can write on any related site. The same goes if you’re selling photography equipment. You’ll only want backlinks from photography blogs.

5. Content should be fresh. Even if you’re selling vacuums, your website needs a blog. Search engines look for fresh content, so you’ll want a blog on the site and you’ll need to update it often.

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