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  Mobile Menu (left off canvas) Gallery with lazy load Flip Clock Js Pop easy Modal windows Pin elements (sticks) Full Page Slides (presentations) Scroll JS Text...

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Draw io online

diagramming application built using the mxGraph – JavaScript Diagramming Interactive JavaScript HTML 5 Diagramming Library mxGraph is simple, you include it as a JavaScript link in your HTML file and you instantly have access to the...

Amazing jQuery iLightBox 0

Amazing jQuery iLightBox

ilightbox   Browser support IE7+ (including IE10), Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IOS4+, and Android are supported. Made for everyone. iLightBox was made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers...

CSS3 Photobox the new generation of gallery.. 0

CSS3 Photobox the new generation of gallery..

Benefits Both the script & CSS are maximum 10k each (minified script, not gziped) Uses silky-smooth, hardware accelerated, CSS3 transitions and animations (for better performance) Pretty UI and easy UX CSS3 preloader, tailored-made. Works...