Author: Filipe Teixeira Nunes

twitter maps overlay

twitter maps overlay

The best tools to overlay your tweets in google maps Twitter analytics & visualization Embeddable twitter map

Software developers toolbox 0

Software developers toolbox

Software to developers toolbox A free Online Tools for Software Developers, the type of tools you need in your daily work like Validation, Formatting, Escaping,Generation, Date and String Functions, Encryption, Conversions, Encodingand Decoding .

styles google web fonts 0

styles google web fonts

Problem whit fonts bolds and italics. The solution…

great examples css3 & html5 0

great examples css3 & html5

CSS3 load example Login box    

Float both 0

Float both

CSS trick #l:before, #r:before { content: “”; width: 125px; height: 250px; } #l:before { float: right; } #r:before { float: left; }

Creating responsive themes wordpress 0

Creating responsive themes wordpress

Creating responsive themes in wordpress  

WordPress 3.4 0

WordPress 3.4

WordPress version 3.4, named “Green” after guitarist and composer Grant Green. As mentioned in previous posts, it brings lots of exciting new features. Enhanced theme control Customize theme options before activating a new theme...

jquery drop down menus 0

jquery drop down menus

Combobox in jquery to forms, or menus.

Jquery ui Animations pages 0

Jquery ui Animations pages

Jquery for web pages animations, presentations